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Thank You Patient Focus

Good Morning Zella, Jacques and Candice


Running or supervising a business these days is tough, especially when fielding client complaints and people are always so quick to complain, hence my email.   I received the most amazing service from two of your staff members and another lady, who I believed used to work for your company.


My 13 year old son, has had numerous heart operations and he wasn’t coping well after a recent operation in Joburg and our Durban Doctors suggested that we monitor his blood pressure, oxygen levels and pulse every two hours while they were making adjustments to his medication, so I contacted Thenjiwe Healthcare, who I’d bought an oximetre from a few years previously and told them that I was looking for a new oximeter and a reliable small arm cuff blood pressure monitor.  They said that they no longer supplied that equipment but transferred me to a lady, Deanne, who took down all the details and she said she would phone me back.  I honestly didn’t expect to hear from her again but she not only came back to me with the contact details for Brenda at Patient Focus – Joburg but she gave me all the different options of the Blood Pressure Monitor, Model numbers and prices and features of the different models and the oximeter that I required which was amazing!


Deanne told me to contact Brenda in Joburg to place my order which was very easy now that I knew exactly what machines to order.   Brenda was so friendly and efficient and  although it was late afternoon when I contacted her, the invoice was emailed to me shortly after my call.   I explained the urgency of the machines required as they had to be delivered via the couriers and Brenda asked if I would like a Durban Rep to try and organise us loan equipment until ours arrived.  I thanked her and told her not to worry as I would make a plan and see if I could borrow a BP monitor from our chemist as mine was not accurate.  Shortly thereafter, I received a call from Andrew, your Durban Rep, asking me when he could drop off the loan equipment.    Brenda had given him all the information as well as my address.  To be quite honest I was totally speechless and hugely grateful.  My day had been a stressful flurry of doctors calls and emails concerning my son and here was a company that was bending over backwards to help  provide solutions.  Andrew was amazing,  explaining all the features and he went the extra mile and even showed my son how to take his own Blood Pressure which he now does regularly.


We were all totally blown away with not just the efficiency which we received from your company but more so, the kindness and empathy.  Wow – Your company employees really live up to their company name PATIENT FOCUS.   It’s been a great pleasure and a most refreshing experience dealing with your staff who are a tremendous asset to your company and I’m sure are a true reflection of  your Company’s ethos.  I also salute you PATIENT FOCUS as a company, for instilling the importance of such outstanding service and values in your employees.



Thank you for such a positive experience


Kind regards


Ruth Moretonas

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