Unistik Touch Safety Lancets

R198.26 Including VAT

Intuitive. Easy-to-Use. Affordable.

Unistik Touch single-use safety lancets are designed to make blood sampling easy for the healthcare professional and more comfortable for the patient. Touch activation ensures that the device requires minimal training and can be used in three easy steps.

  • Designed to be easy and intuitive, requiring minimal training
  • Features Comfort Zone Technology for enhanced patient comfort
  • Broad range of sizes to meet all testing needs and preferences
  1. Twist off and discard lancet cap. DO NOT PULL.
  2. Press platform firmly against sample site. Lancet will automatically retract into body of device.
  3. Dispose of in a suitable sharps container.


Proven Pain Reduction

Unistik® Touch features Owen Mumford’s patented Comfort Zone Technology. When the lancet is pressed against the skin, the 8 raised dots mask the pain sensation created by the needle.

Comfort Zone Technology is based on the ‘Gate Theory’ and works by sending a ‘comfort’ message to the brain which interferes with the pain message produced during the lancing.

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21 Gauge, 30 Gauge

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