RAMP 200

The RAMP 200 takes the complexity out of Acute Care Diagnostic testing while still giving you lab-quality results in minutes. This innovative multi-port, desktop reader is plug and play and can be customized to fit your testing needs with the flexibility of testing 2, 4, or up to 6 tests in parallel. With RAMP, there is no calibration, no maintenance and no downtime. Why stress if you don’t have to?

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Get test results in just minutes to make faster, better-informed decisions. There’s absolutely no warm up time and you can run 6 independent tests simultaneously, critical when you don’t have time to waste. Its modular design also allows you to add more systems for even more throughout.

Lab-quality results you can trust

  • Provides central lab quality results within minutes.
  • Helps eliminate retests
  • Lower risk of reader contamination (blood added outside reader)
  • World’s only acute care diagnostic test not impacted by movement

Highly efficient workflow​

  • Helps reduce TAT
  • Helps eliminate retests
  • Scalable
  • Easy to use
  • Self-calibrating
  • No maintenance, no service contracts
  • Samples refrigerate up to 5 days, 12 month shelf life
  • High security – operator lockout, multiple access levels
  • Helps reduce total cost of care
  • World class service and support
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