Watch BP O3 ABPM – Microlife 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

R19,481.00 Including VAT

Extremely affordable hybrid device for achieving accurate out-of-office blood pressure measurements as recommended by ESH/AHA blood pressure measurement guidelines.


  • 24-Hour ABPM Mode – Fully programmable 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure measurement for fast and accurate out-of-office blood pressure measurements.
  • 7-Day SBPM Mode – Collect multi-day blood pressure data for use in initial hypertension assessment as well as on-going assessment of treatment.(2)
  • Programmable Measurement Intervals – Custom programmable day-time and night-time measurement intervals of 15/20/30/60 minutes.
  • Lightweight and Compact – Lightweight construction and highly compact design translates to improved patient comfort.
  • PC Connectivity – Transmit BP measurement data to any PC via USB connectivity.
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