CareSens N ECO Glucose Monitor

R114.99 Including VAT

The CareSens N blood glucose monitoring system measures blood glucose quickly and accurately. It automatically absorbs the small blood sample applied to the narrow edge of the strip and  is used for the quantitative measurement of the glucose level in capillary whole blood as an aid in monitoring diabetes management effectively at home or in clinical settings.


The CareSens range from i-Sens is easy enough for home use and accurate enough for clinical use. The CareSens N no-coding glucose monitor only uses a 0.5µl blood sample and gives results in just 5 seconds – i-Sens are the BioSensor experts and the first company in the world to achieve this. The patented CodeSens Technology means the glucose meter automatically codes to match the test strips thereby reducing the risk of incorrect calculations of insulin dose. The CareSens N also boasts a confirmation window, ensuring accurate results every time.


CareSens N ECO Glucose Monitor

The CareSense N ECO glucose monitor stores 500 glucose readings which can be easily downloaded to SmartLog software.

The CareSens N ECO glucose monitor calculates and displays the averages of total test results, pre- and post-meal test results from the last 1, 7, 14, 30, and 90 days. CareSense N ECO glucose monitor is an ideal choice for those who need to frequently measure their glucose levels and it is equipped with an alarm system so that you can be reminded to rest at meal times.                                                                          Covered by all Discovery Medical aid plans including Keycare.

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