Drugs of Abuse Multi Drug 6 in 1 Cup (25’s)

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CLIA waived Drug Test Cup is an all-in-one urine based test that can be utilized in practically any drug screening scenario. Our drug test cups can offer panel sizes up to 14 analytes with an additional 6 adulteration.


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Drugs of Abuse Multi Drug 6 in 1 Cup (25’s)


The Split Key Cup is designed to eliminate urine handling and donor tampering, providing an efficient approach for an affordable split specimen drug testing solution that provides a quality screening method with up to 99% accuracy. It was the first immediate response onsite instant drug testing device to offer a compact, split-specimen format that is not only easy to use but is easy to administer for both sexes because of its compact and oval shape. The Split Key Cup drug test is fully integrated and self-contained for detecting drugs and drug metabolites in urine. A leak proof twist lid helps to create a more enjoyable and sanitary testing environment.

Advantages of the Split Key Specimen Drug Test Cup include allowing the specimen collector the ability to activate the test with a special key, thus donor manipulation can be eliminated, label hides test result from those who do not need to view them, it eliminates handling of the urine, and the cut-off levels are set according to SAMHSA. Some configurations are CLIA Waived if needed. The key works like a push button and it allows you to run your tests at a time that is convenient for you, so the EZ Key Cup is Collector Controlled VS Donor Controlled, you can push the button and run tests on your own time frame.

This cup has two specimen chambers, one for the initial test and the other for the lab to use for confirmation should a non-negative result appear. The second chambers urine specimen is always pristine, untouched or uncontaminated. Therefore the EZ Key Cup is a split specimen drug test, which is a time saver eliminating the need for pre-pouring a lab specimen as this is done for you automatically.

Urine Tests for THC / COC / MOP / AMP / MET /  BZO

THC – Cannabis

COC –  Cocaine

MOP – Opiates

AMP – Amphetamines

MET – Methamphetamines

BZO – Benzodiazepines

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