Chembio Antigen Covid-19 Professional test 

R0.00 Including VAT

Product comes in boxes of 20s

inside the box

1 x buffer

20 x tests

20 x buffer container

20 x Nasal sampler


Price R1980 ex VAT

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Chembio Antigen Covid-19 Professional test


We know there is a lot of tests out there but none can give you a number like ours can .


This number allows you to understand what is currently going on in the body.


The test does need a device to function this can be bought separately  however the device doesn’t only work for antigen it also works for anti body . Now anti body is very good thing to know because this allows you to see whether or not you can go for the second jab or not . At the same time you will have piece of mind knowing whether you are still protected or not .


Another cool feature is that it doesn’t have to tickle the brain . (nasopharyngeal) Instead you can use the anterior nasal cavity.

Easy to use but must only be used by professionals for this reason please contact us for  other details .


Chembio Antigen Covid-19 Professional test Accuracy


Sensitivity – 98%

Specificity – 100 %


Price is 1980 ex VAT



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