CardioChek Plus

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CardioChek Plus


  •  Total Cholesterol • HDL Cholesterol • Triglycerides • Glucose


• LDL Cholesterol • TC/HDL Ratio • LDL/HDL Ratio • Non-HDL Cholesterol


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Professional Multifunction Analyzer

  Cardiochek Plus Features and Benefits

  • Fast – On-site lipid and glucose results in as little as 90 seconds
  • Portable – Compact and lightweight, easy to transport and store Handheld, battery-operated Room temperature test strips
  • Patient-Friendly – Fingerstick with small sample
  • Wireless Communication – Easy data transfer
  • High ROI – Rapid throughput and low waste, with minimal start-up cost Fully reimbursable
  • Certified Accuracy – CLIA-waived Meets NCEP guidelines for accuracy and precision FCC and ISO certified wireless communications CRMLN-certified for CHOL and HDL tests. FDA-cleared

Recognizing the strong connection between heart attack, stroke, and diabetes, the CardioChek Plus analyzer provides rapid on-site blood chemistry values and measurements to help identify at-risk individuals. It’s one of the fastest, most cost-efficient, and user-friendly analyzers. The the easy to use  system accurately tests lipid profile and glucose simultaneously with one fingerstick. In as little as 90 seconds, it provides on-site results using the same technology as clinical laboratories.

Added benefits

Technical support available and monitors can be serviced and certified .

Product training (Essential before use) provided .







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