boso 24 hour (ABPM) Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor TM-2430 PC

R36,748.19 Including VAT

The boso TM-2430 PC 2 has excellent product quality and is an integral part in many GP offices and clinics. boso ambulatory blood pressure monitor ocillometric detection method guarantees accurate blood pressure readings in almost every situation.

The boso TM-2430 PC 2 stores up to 350 measurements, is easy to handle and quickly programmable, with fully adjustable intervals and a user-friendly sleep function. The unit is clinical validated according to BHS protocol, grading A for systole and diastole.


Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight and compact carrying dimensions for convenience
  • Accurate oscillometric detection method guarantees accurate blood pressure readings
  • TM-2430 PC 2 will be amortized very quickly, because of its low cost and the powerful evaluation software which allows transfer and analyse of the readings from your patients’ digital blood pressure meter as well as the measurements of the boso ABI-system for early detection of PAD (ankle-brachial Index/ABI and pulse wave velocity/PWV)
  • Easy programming you enter the settings with the PC keyboard. Manual or automatic intervals settings
  • Software profile manager assists diagnosis in a few seconds and can create tables and calculate mean arterial pressure, pulse, MBPS and long term profiles
  • QMS-certified GDT-interface allows easy integration into most computer systems for GP offices and hospitals


  • Lightweight & compact 24hr ambulatory BP machine with PC control
  • Oscillometric principal for consistent accuracy and performance
  • Fully programmable from PC
  • Automatic sleep function
  • Powered from rechargeable NIMH accumulators (supplied)
  • Stores up to 350 measurements
  • Fast, reliable evaluation of patients data – plug in and go
  • Protective carry case
  • TM2430 PC, BP monitor
  • Adult velcro cuff, latex  free
  • Hip case, belt strap, and shoulder strap
  • PC transmission pack and cable
  • Profiles manager software
  • Accumulators and charger
  • Full user instructions
  • Dimensions: 100 x 80 x 27mm
  • Weight: 220gm
  • 2-year warranty
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