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Patient Focus Africa

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Patient Focus Africa_PTS Diagnostics

Patient Focus Africa – PTS Diagnostics

is an innovative point-of-care diagnostics solutions provider that partners with patients and healthcare professionals to provide the right information at the right time to make the right decisions. The company’s name represents the three pillars upon which it has built its long-term success: PeopleTechnology and Service.

PTS Diagnostics’ signature products include the CardioChek® lipid analyzer, and the A1CNow® family of products. The CardioChek® family of products have screened more than 120 million patients worldwide while the A1CNow® product line works to enable people to lead healthier lives through ongoing management of diabetes.


The company also offers PTSDetectTM cotinine system, the first and only quantitative tobacco-detection system that can measure exact cotinine levels from a simple fingerstick. Together these products help identify individuals with cardiometabolic syndrome, a cluster of conditions that increase risks of developing cardiovascular disease or diabetes.


The company also offers new technology that has innovated blood collection with its PTS CollectTM capillary tubes. In addition, PTS Diagnostics offers the PTS ConnectTM solution, a turnkey population health management (PHM) platform for health and wellness companies, retail clinics and urgent care centers that makes connectivity flexible and information management simple.


Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, PTS Diagnostics designs, manufactures, and markets products for distribution in more than 135 countries around the world. The company has manufacturing facilities in Indianapolis, IN, and Sunnyvale, CA, and has sales offices in North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific Rim.
PTS Diagnostics is innovating point-of-care with peopletechnology and service

Patient Focus Africa – i-Sens

Patient Focus Africa – i-Sens

i-Sens produces 1 Billion Glucose test strips and 1 Million Glucometers per year!


The Realization of Technology to Improve Human Health. 


i-SENS has the vision of the realization of technology to improve human health. Through its cutting edge biosensor and electrochemistry technology, i-SENS develops, produces and distributes products in order to improve human health.


Through its patent coverage and research power stemming from the work in the field of biosensor technology, i-SENS continuously develops and launches new and innovative products into the world market.


i-SENS’s CareSens blood glucose monitoring system line, through its small sample size and quick test time, has been receiving recognition from its users for its high quality and ease-of-use.


From the initial launch with CareSens I to its latest product CareSens N, which includes proprietary auto-coding technology, CareSens has been taking its place as one of the top products in the world. In 2009, i-SENS received the Frost & Sullivan “2009 Asia Pacific Excellence in Healthcare Award” for its proprietary auto-coding technology. I-SENS are the patent holders of the CodeSens technology.

Patient Focus Africa – Microlife

Patient Focus Africa – Microlife

is a world market leader in the development and production of medical diagnostic equipment – for use at home and in health facilities.


Microlife is the world’s leading manufacturer of thermometers. The company is also one of the world market leaders in the development and production of medical diagnostic equipment – for use at home and in health facilities. Blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, asthma measuring devices and flexible heat pads are some of our core products. Their medical devices are approved for hospital, clinical and home use and guarantee the highest level of safety. They are robust and user-friendly. Whether it’s fever, blood pressure, asthma, weight management or flexible heat pads, our technology offers precise and reliable solutions.

Patient Focus Africa – Bosch-Sohn Germany

Blood pressure provides important information about your health. Measuring it regularly is therefore one of the simplest and most effective ways of looking after your health. Measuring your blood pressure with a blood pressure instrument gives you the foundation for a long, healthy life, and it is a simple procedure that you can do at home.


Trust the precision and quality of boso – The brand Bosch and Sohn.
96% of all German general practitioners, physicians and specialists work with boso in practice.


boso‘s instruments for measuring blood pressure in the doctors rooms and at home regularly place among the top in studies conducted by the German consumer foundation, Stiftung Warentest. In the latest test from 05/2016 only three blood pressure measuring instruments were awarded the grade “good“, from which two were from boso. And in the category for upper arm devices, boso is once again the test winner.


The high quality is also confirmed by the test results of other independent professional organisations: All digital boso self-measuring devices have passed the criteria of the German Hypertension League or the rigorous test protocol of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH).

Patient Focus Africa_UEBE

Patient Focus Africa – UEBE

More and more people are concerned about high blood pressure as a risk factor. It is important to find out whether you belong to high-risk group. Technological development as well as affordability of electronic components contributed to the fact that a new and important field of self-diagnosis has emerged.


In more than 125 years of company history, UEBE has stood for innovation and has created the basis for self-diagnosis. Back then, with the first fully encapsulated and hygenic clinical thermometer. Until today we have helped people who would like to understand their body better with modern medical technology for self control. In the field of temperature measuring, UEBE Medical GmbH has contributed to the fact that more people assume responsibility for their health and are developing a better understanding for their body.

Patient Focus Africa_Healgen

Patient Focus Africa – Healgen

Healgen Scientific specializes in manufacturing quality immunoassay tests. Since their inception in 2007, they have strived to develop devices that meet and exceed industry standards. The manufacturing process is supported by their interactive and highly-skilled Research and Development team, who are actively redefining the efficiency and design of their products. Brand Accurate, Healgen, ImuMed and DIAGNOSTAR is being produced & manufactured by Healgen.

Patient Focus Africa – Owen Mumford

Patient Focus Africa – Owen Mumford

Through their work and partnerships, Owen Mumford seek to improve quality of life, encourage adherence to treatment and reduce healthcare costs. Making a world of difference, to a world of people. Advanced design to manufacturing for global solutions.


With a 60-year history of medical device firsts, Owen Mumford offers innovations for sampling and drug delivery from a broad base of proven self-injection and blood sampling platform devices and intellectual property. Our extensive research, design and manufacturing capabilities produce leading-class medical devices that are used by a worldwide audience – with almost 90% of our products exported to more than 60 countries.


We are committed to bringing life-saving and life-changing devices to new markets around the globe. Own Mumford are the patent holders for the comfort technology in their famous Unistik 3 safety lancets.

Patient Focus Africa _Chembio

Patient Focus Africa – Chembio

Chembio improves Lives—that’s what drives therm. It’s what makes them better, more innovative, more compelled to work harder. What they do is develop superior point-of-care rapid testing solutions for healthcare providers around the world; they help create is healthier lives and communities.


Their Products meet the highest standards for accuracy and superior performance to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Their innovative solutions, like the Chembio Dual Path Platform (DPP®), make POC testing faster, more accurate, and more cost effective. And all of Chembio’s products have been designed, developed, tested, and manufactured in our Medford, NY, USA facility.


Their People—are what makes Chembio. Chembio has a solid core of loyal, experienced, professional employees, and that creates loyal customers.These are our values.

Patient Focus Africa – HemoCue

The wide range of solutions offered by HemoCue is needed and can be acted upon at the point of care, allowing you to focus on your patients. With more than 30 years of accuracy, we contribute with high quality solutions and services.

Detection and prevention of anaemia, diabetes and infections is vital for those at risk. Regardless the cause, point-of-care testing can be an invaluable tool. At HemoCue we care about you as health care professionals as well as for your patients.

Patient Focus Africa – paingone*

Patient Focus Africa – paingone*

The paingone* is a handy, fast-working device shaped like a thick ballpoint pen. It has no attachments whatsoever so it can be used anywhere, anytime. paingone works by delivering a controlled electronic frequency straight to the point of pain. This stimulating frequency can provide prolonged and often instant pain relief. Imagine being able to relieve that pain without using drugs, leads, pads, straps or gels in a simple, one minute application.


Keep doing the things you love…


When we are on the go, we don’t want pain to slow us down. Paingone* is the effective, portable device that can be used anywhere and anytime, whenever you need it. Put it in your bag, briefcase or pocket and it is ready in an instant to provide you with natural, drug-free relief from pain. You can get on with the things you want to do, without pain holding you back.

Patient Focus Africa - WIWE

Patient Focus Africa – WIWE

The WIWE uses a worldwide unique intelligent algorithm which evaluates the properties of the ECG wave to calculate if there is a risk of afib-related stroke and sudden cardiac arrest.

Patient Focus Africa – Fujifilm