Pharmacy Clinics

Patient Focus has been approved as an essential product and service supplier. We are operating during this lockdown period and are still doing deliveries.

We enable pharmacies to “TAP” into the magic.

TAP stands for Test At Pharmacy. Pharmacies are the opportune place to practise Theranostics which is the combination of Therapeutics and Diagnostics.

T.A.P leads to IMPACT (Improved Persistence and Compliance with Therapy). You are sitting on a gold mine let us help you mine the ore. We supply the tools while you supply the patient.




Therapeutic + Diagnostics = Theranostics

We have world class accredited Point of Care Equipment, that is accurate and easy to use.


Our Microlife range of products used in the pharmacy clinic is available to be stocked on the shelves in the front shop for patients to buy and use at home. This is a great way to get more front shop sales.


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