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Patient Focus has been approved as an essential product and service supplier. We are operating during this lockdown period and are still doing deliveries.

Our Story
about Patient Focus Africa

The Patient Focus Africa Story

Patient Focus Africa (PFA) was first established in 2002 by Jacques and Zella Du Toit, our current Directors. They established Patient Focus with the aim of promoting the best products while keeping the consumer’s needs and wants in mind. These consumers can be identified as Doctors, Pharmacies including Wholesalers, Patients, Medical Schemes as well as Administrators, Wellness Companies, Occupational Health and Insurance companies. Patient Focus Africa (PFA) prides itself in being as much a family as a company, by promoting a friendly and ever evolving working environment. All employees at Patient Focus Africa (PFA) are driven by the same goal and that is putting the patient first.

Mohau Investments partly own Patient Focus Africa.

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Patient Focus Africa (PFA) has formed exclusive long term relationships with its leading global partners. These relationships allow us to provide solutions throughout the entire value chain related to the following disease categories:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • HIV
  • Fever Management
  • Weight Management
  • Respiratory Care
  • Drugs of Abuse
Patient Focus Africa (PFA)-Partners

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Patient Focus Africa . Empowering Prevention.

Patient Focus Africa Accreditations
Patient Focus Africa Accreditations

Patient Focus Africa (PFA) pride ourselves in the promoting and selling of approved POINT OF CARE TECHNOLOGY that carries with it the following Accreditations:

  • FDA cleared
  • CE marked
  • CLIA waived thus allowing medically  trained staff to conduct all the tests accurately and confidently
  • German Hypertension League approval
  • British and Irish Hypertension Society (BIHS) validation
  • European Society of Hypertension (ESH) validation
  • Meets NCEP guidelines – National Cholesterol Education Program
  • CRMLN certified – Cholesterol Reference
  • Method Laboratory Network
  • IFCC traceable – International Federation of Clinical Chemistry
  • NGSP certified – National
  • Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program
  • Local endorsements by South African academics specialising in the field of chronic diseases

Patient Focus Africa (PFA), focus on the future whilst supplying for the present. We achieve this by sourcing state of the art products that reduce health risks. As the aforementioned saying states ‘Make Early Diagnosis, Prevent Early Death’ – we at PFA ensure that the words of MEDPED echo in the minds of all of our stake holders. You know your cell phone number; you know your registration number but do you know the most important numbers? Your Health Numbers?…Know your numbers! TEST NOW, KNOW NOW, ACT NOW!

Accuracy is key. All our products are accredited by the relevant bodies and are registered where necessary. Our equipment produces lab accurate results. Reproducibility and Consistency is key.

Technical Department

Patient Focus Africa (PFA) are internationally trained to service and calibrate clinically validated equipment. Our technicians are able to assess your equipment and advise on and implement the necessary repair work, replacement, calibration or servicing. Please enquire with us regarding our technical services offered and to request a quotation.

Patient Focus Africa (PFA) after sales training is offered free of charge

The main objective of our training is to ensure standardisation of health testing, delivery and evaluation. As well as to ensure accurate results, valuable individual and group outcomes for high risk identification and follow up programmes.

Back Up Service

Patient Focus Africa (PFA) offer the best back up service and training. We pride ourselves on having the best service in the industry. We have a national footprint with reps spread all over South Africa, who can assist you with any product related query, back up service request and technical assistance.

Patient Focus Africa (PFA) after sales training
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